Integration and nature: some practical suggestions


I recently wrote a guest post for meditation teacher Andrew Furst. I asked what topic he would suggest, and he mentioned that I could expand on ideas of nature, and integration, which I mention as being part of the the Selfless Self Help program.

I wrote a short essay based on these ideas, but, on rereading, although I liked what I’d written, it seemed lacking in practical ideas. I wrote something that played with and presented certain ideas, meanings, but I had left it up in the air, and I worry that readers might look over what I had composed and think, “ok, but what do I actually do?”

The first is have a daily practice, and from there, it becomes naturally very possible to start to realize many things, including how to integrate meditation and daily life, and how to work with nature.

But that’s also a cop out, in a way, and not very fresh. It’s been said before. Here are some additional suggestions for ways to better realize integration and including nature.

1. Work with habits- start by observing the many habits in your life. Integrating spiritual practice and life can be connected to observing, understanding and changing ones habits.
2. Try new things.
3. When you’re bored, have to wait, or might normally divert yourself with a smartphone, try meditating. Since meditation can be done eyes open or eyes closed, this is doable in a range of situations.
4. If you find something compelling about nature itself, you can find ways to integrate it into your home, and then appreciate the difference.
5. Consider natural medical cures, such as herbs. Consult an herbalist or trained professional if desired. There are so many natural remedies out there, and they need not cost a tremendous amount. Many chain pharmacies now carry herbal remedies. This can be a profound way to connect with the plant world, and benefit your own health.
6. Take time to appreciate beauty. This need not be limited to what is being referred to here as nature.

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