The End of Winter

It is almost the end of winter. It has been a cold winter, and that has been interesting in a few ways. An old teacher of mine remarked on social media a few days ago that he was always surprised by how the mind adjusts to its relative conditions. After many very cold days, one above thirty (Sunday) feels amazing. Isn’t this true? Soon, it will be fifty, and that will feel great. Once it’s summer, fifty will feel cold. One more reason to be skeptical about your mind and the solidity of opinions.

“If you want to expand your lifem go for it! Pursue some experiences you’ve never had before..” Tony Robbins

I’m teaching a class  on March tenth in Amesbury, and we will talk mostly about habits and cocoon.. Think about how many new things you have tried in the last few months. We all could have tried more new things, but I am pretty happy with how I’ve been doing. The restaurant challenge is going well, with seven new places tried already this year! Sometimes, trying new stuff feels very difficult, like walking through water, but don’t let this dissuade you.

There are two ways expanding your life manifests. The first is with specific new experiences, like going to new towns you haven’t been before, which can be fun, but doesn’t have to be. It shouldn’t be utterly boring, probably because there are naturally some strong emotions connected to wanting to maintain old habitual patterns or ruts, but it can feel just so so, it doesn’t need to feel like a roller coaster of joy all the time. The second way is a general loosening up of feeling: feeling less cocooned, less addicted to the safety and comfort of habit. If someone asks you to go somewhere different, you feel a little more able to just go with it, instead of evaluating a lot, mulling it over, or trying to fit it into already existing schema. 

In this way, this training has much to do with resistance, and just like cocoon is how Trunpga talks about the life of habit, doubt is how he talks about this holding back and overthinking, in the Shambhala teachings. Overcoming doubt is just as scary as breaking through the cocoon, and it doesn’t necessarily make it easier that you will find that random acquaintances and strangers, nonmeditators, will find it easier than you will sometimes to go beyond doubt. Think of those moments when you want to reach out to someone, you hesitate for what feels like ages, and then when you do, they see it as no big deal at all. It was nothing. What did you want, a medal?

Somehow, the terrible new wordpress editor has selected my text in blue, and won’t unselect it, even when I click on the button, so sorry about that.

Think about those two manifestations of trying new stuff, and how that is going for you. Finally, the second manifestation is about how able you are to live with the fact that things are a constant swirl of change, in spite of our attempts via habits to control and hem things in.


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