Busy time

There are certain times when things tend to get busy. I have found that around the Autumn is one. For this reason, I will be writing a super short post, in order to not fill my time too much. I’m lucky that most of the things I do are not just obligations, but parts of a life I’ve chosen. Still, I don’t want to have zero free time. This morning I’ve already sent a few necessary emails and done some research on grad school, and it’s not even seven am. This day is heading in the direction of being very full.

I have a few classes coming up. I will be teaching in Provincetown MA on the 27th of this month. I will be teaching in Rowley on October 15th, and Kittery Maine on October 3rd. The Maine appearance will have a cost attached, but the others will be free. Yes, there will be topics to each talk, but really, the main point is to come sit, meditate, and listen to people talk about the life of spirit.

As I wrote in my last post, I have been in Thailand. It was an amazing trip, and even though I clearly have reservations about how the teachings are practiced in Thailand, as far as the country itself goes, I am a fan. Right now, I’m adjusting to the time change, and going back to the routine of working and so forth. Back to the stability of a routine from the chaos of vacation!


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