Just now, after a short nap, I thought of two things to contemplate. You can do this with me, if you’d like. This means thinking about it, and then bringing it to mind repeatedly over the next few days, or longer.

  1. What are some energies you’d like to cultivate? Think about any feeling or atmosphere you’ve encountered, from bliss to love to joy, and so on. If you could experience any, more, what would they be? Then think about how you can accomplish this in real life.
  2. What are some words you get stuck on? I noticed that, when I expect specific words from others, I can obsess over it. For instance, if I don’t get an apology for something minor, even if the offender seems contrite, I can get stuck on waiting for those words. What do you have that’s like this, and how can you go from being stuck on it, to going with the flow?

if you want, try these contemplations. I’d love to hear what results you get.


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