Big news!

After two years, my book is finished. You can buy it. (Soon)

First, there’s a Kickstarter campaign. I know, I know, everyone is doing this, you’ve probably been bothered about one recently. Hear me out. Here is why mine is worthwhile.

It’s small. I’m not asking for millions of dollars, just a hundred, more or less. It’s a modest goal. 

Too modest? I don’t know. My plan is to buy some copies, self published, for two reasons. First, and this is the main one, to give to students who take my classes as a sourcebook. Second, to sell in local bookstores. If I can raise this money, I can buy some copies to use in my meditation classes, and try selling them on consignment in local stores, too, which I’ve done previously with another book.

The good thing about a self publishing venture like this is the print on demand aspect- I can order a box whenever I need. I don’t plan to beg for more money every time I need a few more copies, just this first time.

The book itself is about my journey from being a wreck to being happy. I chronicle my drug use, and my recovery, including finding the dharma, martial arts training, and more. Along with the personal story is an overview of the SSH system, starting with habits. I spend considerable time on the foundations and sources of this system.

If you share this I’d be grateful. If you donate you can get free copies of the book!


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