Ok, here are a few practical thoughts for this holiday. We all know holidays can be a challenge, as well as a promise. My celebration of this, and any holiday is personal, complicated, full of little nuances, and influenced by my past. For instance, I set up a little ancestor shrine in my meditation room. This makes sense to me, and is part of my celebration, but, of course, it’s up to individuals. What I want to say here is more on the practical end of things.

One- don’t try to be thankful. I’ve found the push to be grateful annoying in the past. The expectations of good feeling, happiness, certain religious ideas around holidays can cause more trouble than they’re worth. I find it works well to relax those expectations. If I feel thankful, good. If I don’t, it will arise at some other point in the year.

Additionally, other times of year will be easier to cultivate gratitude, if that’s something you’re into. Less pressure.

Two- take a walk. Good to get out. My folks do this sometimes, as a way to relax, and get out of the house. I’ll be trying this. No gym today, I don’t want to support my local gym making people work on this holiday, so a nice walk will be how I get a little exercise. It’s good for the mind, too.

Have fun, and remember that things can get better!


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