Guest post, on holiday astrology

Here is a thoughtful guest post by astrologer Megan, again on the theme of astrology during the holiday season. Enjoy!



2015 is winding down and as we head into the week before Christmas and Kwanzaa, let’s have a look at a few of the general astrological transits happening in Western Astrology. All times listed are EST.

The sun enters Capricorn on Monday, December 21 coinciding with the arrival of the winter solstice at 11:49pm in the Northern Hemisphere. Capricorn, an earth sign, is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster planet. It is symbolized by the mountain goat, a powerful animal capable of summiting mountains, braving inclement weather and surviving inhospitable environments. Capricorn traits include wisdom, determination, ambition, practicality, and helpfulness. It may be conducive to reflect upon Capricorn’s qualities as the year ends. Take a few moments to think about your intentions for the new year. Have you used this past year to its fullest potential? What were some of the successes? What areas might you be able to improve upon in the future? Capricorn teaches us patience as we strive to build a better future and encourages us to make improvements, work hard and keep our eye on the prize.

The moon will enter Cancer on December 25 at 12:27am. Cancer is ruled by the moon so this is a nice day for the Christmas holiday to fall on (and Kwanzaa too, which starts on December 26). This year’s holiday brings both a super moon as well as the last full moon of 2015 (also known as the “Cold Moon”). There hasn’t been a full moon on Christmas Day since 1977 and the next full moon on Christmas won’t occur until 2034. A midnight walk to gaze upon this rare and special moon sounds romantic, doesn’t it? During the day, people may enjoy being homebodies, feeding their guests and reminiscing about Christmases past. It’s also a good time to get in touch with your inner child and enjoy the twinkling lights and “magic” of the holiday. If you don’t observe Christmas, you can use this moon transit to spend some time with maternal figures in your life, take care of home matters, wallow in nostalgia, go for a swim, take care of small animals and nurture lonely people. At 6:12am, the Cancer moon will oppose the Capricorn sun so watch for tension or confrontation as the clear picture emerges. At 1:17pm, the Cancer Moon will trine Neptune in Pisces. This is a good time to take a nap and have sweet dreams but be careful about consuming too much vino at lunch. Mars in Libra will be squaring Mercury in Capricorn so watch the verbal battles if you’ve been drinking and aren’t thinking about how your words will be received.

Uranus has been retrograding through Aries for the past five months and will turn direct at 10:53pm on December 25. Uranus is the ruler of surprises and electricity giving us impulses for shocking behavior, rebellion, and overturning tradition. The retrograde period inhibits us from making the changes we are thinking about. If Uranus is directly impacting a planet in your natal chart, you may feel the spark when it turns direct. This is your chance to change course which is perfect timing for starting on those new years resolutions we were thinking about earlier in the week.


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