Selfless Self Help is a meditation program for everyone.

The key points are habit, compassion, and mind. These three are the fundamentals that are taught in the first series of classes, and the theme that runs throughout the training. Using these three facets, it’s possible to view the problems we naturally encounter in life through a different perspective, a deeply healing perspective. Healing is essential to this program.

In terms of habits, there are a number of exercises I have developed that are used in the classes. The point is to get out of habitual reactions and become a little mores spontaneous. In terms of compassion, there is a specific way this term is used in Selfless Self Help, which has to do with judgement. The teachings on mind build off of these two and expand on what it means to have a spiritual experience, whether religious or not.

Students may not continue with SSH for a long time, but may go on to study in other traditions. This is actually a desired result. I see this program as basic training for any kind of personal development or spiritual path. I emphasize practice, but this really could be any kind of practice, from yoga to prayer. The three elements of habit, compassion, and mind also fit with many traditions, and some aspects of Western psychology also.


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