Spring On Its Way

The first SSH class complete (and my wonderful students even gave me a gift card!) there are new ones starting very soon. On the 3rd, “Taking Up the Challenge” starts in West Newbury. It’s about meditation and bringing it out into the world. There will be many field trips. There is also another Selfless Self Help class starting in early May in Newburyport. 

Let me know if you’re interested in one of the classes!

Why learn about meditation? Here is a list of reasons.

1. It is a natural function of being a human. In fact, I would not be surprised if animals did it. So it could be a natural thing, whether you’re even a human being or not.

2. It is courageous. Facing yourself is scary. Doing scary things, especially the ones that make you grow, is valuable.

3. You think that you think too much. Or you think that your mind is crazy, depressed, or damaged. I think millions of people feel this way, that they’re not functional. Meditation can help you get a little perspective on things.

4. There’s something mysterious and intriguing about it. I felt this way at first, and still do in some ways. It’s not that it’s exciting, really, or alluring, but there’s something to it that intuitively interests you.

5. You’ve been reading about meditation or spirituality, and want to learn more. Books are wonderful, but they can never take you as far as in person teaching.

Happy Spring!